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Ejercicios de Adjetivos en Inglés Parte 2

1) Estamos en una tienda de animales.

La siguiente tabla nos da información sobre varios animales. Escribe frases comparándolos en cada una de las parejas indicadas más abajo.

 Utiliza los adjetivos:












12 kg




3 kg




0.5 kg




4 kg




1 kg


  • Cats are cheaper than dogs
  1. Snakes and Parrots ____________________________________________
  2. Cats and Iguanas ______________________________________________
  3. Dogs and parrots______________________________________________
  4. Cats and dogs ________________________________________________
  5. Cats and snakes _______________________________________________
  6. Iguanas and dogs ______________________________________________
  7. Parrots and Snakes  ____________________________________________
  8. Snakes and dogs _____________________________________________
  9. Parrots and Iguanas___________________________________________
  10. Snakes and iguanas ___________________________________________


2) Utiliza los adjetivos que están entre paréntesis para crear su forma comparativa:

1. Horses are much ________________________ rats. (big)

2. This pineapple cake is ___________________ the lemon pie. (sweet)

3. The temperature in Cuba is ______________________________ in Denmark. (high)

4. My brother is ________________________________ yours. (fat)

5. My mom is ___________________________________ than Madonna. (young)

6. The afternoon is usually ______________________________ the evening. (hot)

7. This book is ___________________________________ the Bible. (thick)

8. An elephant can be ________________________________ a car. (heavy)


3) Utiliza los adjetivos que están entre paréntesis para crear su forma superlativa:

1. This is the ____________________ street in Buenos Aires. (long)

2. I think english is _____________________________ subject in school. (easy)

3. My uncle’s house is ________________________________ house I’ve ever seen! (big)

4. Grapes are __________________________________ fruits I have ever eaten. (sweet)

5. “The Notebook” is __________________________________ film we’ve ever seen. (sad)


4) Completa las siguientes frases con la forma superlativa de los verbos irregulares que aparecen entre paréntesis:

1. Finally my trip to Europe is over! It is _______________________ I’ve ever travelled. (far)

2. Valencia has produced _________________________________ oranges in Spain (many)

3. My soccer team is _______________________________________. (good)

4. The smell of rotten eggs is ___________________________ odour I’ve ever smelled. (bad)

5. Sevi loves beer, that’s why she drinks __________________ beer we buy. (much)


5) Adjectives Review

Multiple Choice test

 Choose the correct answer.

Silvia is much taller _____ Maya.

A) as

B) like

C) than


Madrig is big, but Mexico is ______.

A) More big

B) Bigger

C) biger


This one is better ______ that one.

A) as

B) like

C) than


Titanic was the _____ film of the year.

A) worse

B) best

C) better


This steak is bad, but that one is ______ .

A) badder

B) worse

C) worse 


Of all the houses I've seen so far, this one is ______ .

A) nicer

B) the nicest

C) most nice