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Question of the Day: Why is Learning a New Language So Critical?

We live in a very large world, and within our world are plenty of different cultures. If you want to experience our planet for what it really is, you're going to have to learn another language (you know, other than the one that you've already got down!). Your mother tongue is a beautiful language to know, regardless of what language it happens to be, but expanding your horizons and learning a new language could work wonders for your life. There are a bunch of positive traits behind learning a new language, and that's what this article is going to be dedicated to covering. Learning a brand new language can be critical for many different reasons, but thinking of the right ones is a foolproof way to dedicate yourself to the art (as in, the art of learning a new way to talk to people).

There's no better feeling then visiting a place and being able to communicate with the locals, especially if you aren't from around there initially. It helps them become a little more comfortable with you as a person, because you're speaking words that they can understand. That's just the jist of it though, so let's delve a little deeper — shall we?

It Just Feels Right

Your life needs to be used to its full potential, and that usually means learning as many new things as possible. Life is essentially about experiences, and learning a brand new language is one of the most intriguing experiences you could go through. You'll figure out how to actually connect with people you could have never connected with before, which is an experience to take in by itself. Imagine how it would feel to visit Italy and actually communicate with the locals there, it'd be an amazing experience to say the least!

You Can Brag About It

Now this might not seem like the most practical reason to learn a language, but it's a good one nonetheless! Telling all of your friends that you're in the middle of a language lesson never gets old, especially when it's one of the more complicated choices. It's been documented that learning either of the Chinese languages is incredibly tough, as there are many different alphabets to make use of — but English is actually the hardest to learn overall. English has a lot of "broken phrases" (and words) that can confuse people, as other languages are much more complicated and descriptive with their sayings.

It can take some getting used to, but learning a new language definitely has some positive traits to it; there's almost too many to list in just one article (well clearly, seeing as there's only two here so far!).

You Can Travel Efficiently

If you prefer a certain location, you can travel knowing that you'll be able to properly order food. Not only that, but you won't have to repeat yourself five times when it comes to checking in at your hotel; you can just greet them in their native tongue! Who knows where it might get you, I've heard that girls love a man who speaks French. Blogs
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