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Learn Latin

Congratulations! You're on your way to learn the language that has had the most profound impact on many of our modern languages. Learning Latin not only allows you to understand the Roman Times better, it also helps you understand the roots of many words in use today. Lastly, if you learn Latin, learning other languages like Spanish and French will be much easier! So what are you waiting for?

Latin for Beginners

Latin for Beginners

The Latin for beginners section will help you grasp the basic concepts of the Latin language.

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About the Latin Language

In this website we include everything you need in order to get started learning Latin. Even if you already know some Latin, here we will help you improve it greatly.

The Rundown: Why Would I Want to Learn Latin?

Latin is the language of love to most people, but there are multiple benefits to learning it. Obviously there's the fact that you get to learn a brand new language, but what else is there? It seems like there aren't that many people interested in learning a new language anymore, it's almost like experiencing more than one type of culture is a lost art. It wasn't long ago that people were constantly traveling around the world, working a different job every time they switched up their locations (just to make ends meet). Whether you're just starting or have been learning it for a decent amount of time now, Latin is a language that is always going to benefit you (in one way or another).

This article is dedicated to all of those Latin lovers out there, this one is for you! Here are a couple of benefits that learning Latin will bestow upon you, try it out for yourself; it's one of the best languages you could go about learning.

It's A Good Experience

Learning a different language will just be good for your life experience list, if anything. You can tell people that you speak more than one language fluently, a trait that most people can't claim for themselves. If that wasn't enough, it's just fun to say that you were able to expand your mind — that is the main purpose of life after all. You don't want to tell your kids that you never even attempted to learn a second language, you want to be able to say that you mastered it; who wouldn't want to be the keeper of a second domain?

You Can Listen to Nuntii Latini

Nuntii Latini is a radio broadcast that dedicates itself to world news, except it makes use of Latin-speaking broadcasters (as well as commercials and such). It's based in Finland (for now), and only makes use of about 6 or 7 fill stories, but it's fantastic for the Finnish youth (or anybody, really) that happen to be learning Latin. It'll help you identify certain words and such, among other things. It's really a wonderful program, and the message/moral behind it all is perfect as well. It gives the aspiring linguists of Finland something to look forward to.