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Learn Spanish

Are you ready to start learning Spanish? Whether you're a new student, or you have been studying Spanish for years, this website will help you learn Spanish in a short period of time. Just choose from one of the following categories:

Spanish for Beginners

If you've never tried learning Spanish before then this section is for you. Don't worry, we assume you're a complete beginner!

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Intermediate Spanish

Hola, ¿Estás listo para empezar? In this section we will cover topics that will help you communicate at an intermediate level.

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Advanced Spanish

In this section we will cover advanced Spanish topics. If you're not comfortable with at least the Past Perfect, try another section.

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Learning Spanish online has never been so easy!

Why is Learning Spanish So Useful?

Spanish is a very popular language, and there are many different countries that make use of the language. If you're going to travel to any of them, it would be ideal to make sure that you know a little bit of Spanish beforehand. The official countries that speak Spanish would be: Spain, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Equatorial Guinea (a strange one) and finally, Puerto Rico. That's well over 7 countries that make use of the Spanish language, It's one of the most commonly used languages on this planet, it's actually the second largest after Mandarin Chinese (which is saying a lot, considering the fact that the Mandarin Chinese population is quite immense when it comes to numbers). There are multiple reasons as to why learning Spanish will be useful for you, and we're here to cover a few of them.

Business Reasons

You might be a business person that frequently interacts with Spanish people, so what better way to go about doing so than to do it in their native tongue? Having the ability to communicate with your business partners in Spanish could go a long way, especially if there are language barriers that you have to overcome. Sometimes it's a necessity, and other times it's just something you like to learn in your free time; either way, Spanish is definitely a language worthy of anybody.

You Can't Really Enjoy the Culture Without It

How are you supposed to enjoy the Spanish culture, when you can't even speak the language yourself? If you want to be a part of the culture, you have to know how to speak Spanish; otherwise you're just pretending to understand everything. You can finally go to somewhere like Colombia and order some food without having to use English, and that's going to work wonders when it comes to your communication skills.

It's Fun!

It can be a fun experience when you're learning Spanish, because learning a new language is almost like becoming an entirely different person. It will open up your life to many more opportunities, and who knows how many of those opportunities are going to be once in a lifetime? You may have aspirations related to the Spanish language, and you might just want to get into something new; either way you're going to spend a lot of time (well, mind you) in regards to learning Spanish.

Your Travels Won't Be in Vein

When you travel somewhere, it's almost like being dropped into the middle of a new high school, but when you understand the language it's much different. You'll be able to efficiently talk to the locals, as well as understand the city on a deeper level. Have you ever traveled somewhere and met a pretty girl, only to realize you can't really talk to her? Well, if you knew Spanish, that wouldn't be a problem (well, if the girl was Spanish, of course). It can get you into an entirely new level of traveling, take a shot for yourself.