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Learn Spanish Introduction

Learning Spanish is not as hard as you think. As a matter of fact, fluency can be achieved in as little as four months!

Spanish Speakers in the World

In the world, there are approximately 400 million native Spanish speakers. If we add the number of second language speakers, the total rises to more than 500 million. Spanish is the second most spoken language after Mandarin (and closely followed by English). Therefore, Spanish is not only an easy language to learn, but also a very useful one!

Difficulty of Learning Spanish for English Speakers

Unlike many Asian and European languages, Spanish isn't of particular difficulty for English speakers. This is very fortunate, because it means that fluency can be reached relatively fast.

Spanish is ranked as "easy" for English speakers (fluency reached between 30 and 36 weeks), while languages such as Russian and Serbian are ranked as "moderately difficult" and Mandarin, Japanese and others are ranked as difficult.

Importance of Learning Spanish

Being able to speak Spanish will open many doors in your life. In the US alone, more than 35 million people speak Spanish as a first language, not to mention the several million people who are learning it as a second language.

Spanish is the official language in 20 countries, which means that being fluent in Spanish will allow you to experience life in foreign countries in a way that is impossible to other people who don't speak Spanish.

What are you Waiting for? Start Learning!

If you haven't done so already, try out the Spanish proficiency exam to determine your Spanish fluency level. If you have no prior knowledge of the Spanish language, head over to the Spanish for beginners section to get started.

Full Spanish Language Introduction

There's a lot about the Spanish language that we didn't cover this. Head to the Spanish Language for English Speakers section if you need more information about learning Spanish.