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Ejercicios del Presente Simple Parte 1

1) Une cada sujeto con su predicado correspondiente:

  1. John                                                 - loves Martin
  2. We                                                    - like tomatoes
  3. Our friends                                      - play in the park
  4. Samantha                                       - understand Italian
  5. The mechanics                              - fix cars
  6. My children                                     - plays football every Sunday
  7. I                                                         - admire Michael Jackson
  8. Students of latin                             - need our help


2) Escribe la forma correcta del verbo para cada frase:

1- Julia  loves  children  (to love)

2- Your neighbor _________ him (to know)

3- I________  she ________flowers (to think/to like)

4- Your parents ________ angry with him (To be)

5- They_________ in God (To believe)

6- Miriam________ three brothers (To have)

7- Peter______ English, philosophy and mathematics (To study)

8- It_________ perfect (To seem)

9- My teacher_______ lots of patience (to have)

10- Sasha ______ a good movie (To enjoy)


3) Escribe la forma correcta de los siguientes verbo en el texto:

David________up everyday at 7am. He first________ a shower and then he _________ breakfast and ________ the newspaper. Later he _______ a shower and ________up. He _______ to the office by bus. At 12pm he ________ lunch and always __________ a glass of red wine. Then he ________ back to work until 5pm.  He_________ his work.