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En el Vivero - Lectura en Inglés

Stacey: Hello I was wondering if you could help me, I am looking to buy plants and seeds for my garden.

Clerk: Are you looking for anything specifically? Or would you like me to recommend flowers and bulbs that will do well when planted at this time of year?

Stacey: If you could recommend what you think will grow best that would be fantastic. I am relatively new to gardening so am unsure about what to plant at which time of the year. I would like my garden to display a multitude of colours by the spring

Clerk: If you plant these tulip and daffodil bulbs within the next few weeks before the first frost, by spring your garden will be alive with vibrant reds and yellows

Stacey: I have always enjoyed watching the first daffodils and tulips of the spring arrive,  I am definitely interested in growing some in my own garden, could you put them in a basket for me please?

Clerk: Certainly. If you are not an experienced gardener I can recommend buying some sunflower seeds to plant. Sunflowers require very little maintenance and make a huge statement in the garden with their vast size. Are you interested in growing some sunflowers?

Stacey: I love the idea of growing sunflowers in my garden; It has always fascinated me how they grow so tall in such a short time frame. I would also like to purchase some sunflower seeds. When should I plant them to make my garden look lovely in time for spring?

Clerk: Sunflowers reach maturity in seventy to ninety days, so if you would like your sunflowers to arrive in your garden for around May, you should plant them at the end of March.

Stacey: I will be sure to remember that, I’m so excited to see how my garden will look. I envision that in full bloom, it will be alive with colour.

Clerk: Have you ever considered growing any herbs or vegetables?

Stacey: I like the idea of a vegetable patch in my garden, but would it be difficult to maintain?

Clerk: Beets and radishes are very easy to grow and take very little maintenance. Would you like me to add some seeds to your basket?

Stacey: Yes please, I can only try my best. If my crops fail I will attempt to grow them again next year

Clerk: I’m sure all of your plants will grow very successfully. Shall I put all of your plants and seeds into a bag for you?

Stacey: Yes I think I have bought enough for my first attempt. If these grow I will be more confident to try growing other plants and vegetables

Clerk: That will be £15.99 please

Stacey: Thank you, have a nice afternoon. Goodbye.