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Ejercicios de la Diferencia Entre los Verbos ING e Infinitivos

Elige la opción correcta para las siguientes oraciones; en caso de poder aplicarse las formas verbales, explicar si existe diferencia de significado o no:


1.  (To marry/Marrying) a movie star in is the dream of many young teenage girls.  

2.  I shudder (to think/thinking) that you could have die in that accident.

3.  She dislikes (to ear/eating) greasy food.

4.  The problem has been solved.  You may continue (to answer/answering) writing the emails.

5.  He thinks of  (to help/helping) his niece with the homework.

6.  They moved to Englad.  (To move/Moving) to Englad was a dream come true.