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Ejercicios del Estilo Indirecto en Inglés

Poner en Indirect Speech the following sentences:

  1. We like an American movie we have seen this week, they said.
  2. He is my best friend, she said.
  3. I spend my time studying, he told me.
  4. I have an urgent project for your company, she said.
  5. My team is winning the match, you said.
  6. She won´t attend today, she is ill, her mother told me.
  7. Shall we work till ten o´clok? Mary asked,
  8. I may not come to class tomorrow, he said.
  9. Can I sit now?, he asked me.
  10. May I eat that cake?, the boy asked her mother.
  11. You must get ready for your English exam, my teacher told me.
  12. My pocket was emtpy at that moment, the lady said.
  13. Half the week I have been looking for you, my friend, she said.