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Ejercicios del Gerundio vs Infinitivo en Inglés

1) Put the verbs in brackets into the gerund.

1.    Georgina gave up ______smoking______  (smoke) last month.

2.    Try to avoid _____________  (make) your father angry.

3.    Men prefer _____________  (watch) TV to _____________ (read).

4.    I am against _____________  (drink) and  (drive).

5.    When Tom finished _____________  (speak) he left the room.

6.    Serafín is thinking of _____________ (leave) his job and _____________ (go) back to Mexico.

7.    Imagine _____________  (live) with a woman who never wants _____________  (talk).

8.    I don't enjoy _____________  (work) .


2) Completa las frases con el gerundio o el infinitivo de los verbos entre paréntesis:

1.    Do you enjoy _____________ (dance)?

2.    I promise _____________ (participate) in the organization.

3.    Can you imagine _____________  (live) in the Caribbean?

4.    You have to avoid _____________  (hurt) your wife’s feelings.

5.    I agree_____________ (wash) the dishes every day.

6.    Would you mind _____________  (come) with me?

7.    Tom learnt_____________  (speak) Japanese in six months.