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Ejercicios del Presente Simple Vs el Presente Continuo en Inglés

1. Piensa en las cosas que hace Jack cada día y en las que está haciendo hoy. Completa el texto con la forma correcta de los verbos del cuadro:

take - have (2) - not take - finish - talk (2) - go (2) - work

Jack________ breakfast everyday at 8 am. Today________ breakfast at 7 am, because he has to go to the hotel. He always ________ to his office. Today he ________ to the hotel. He _______ to his wife around 12 pm. Today, at 12pm he ________ to some gangsters. He ________ work at 6.30 p.m. Today, he ________ as a waiter until 8 p.m. After work, he always ________ his dog for a walk. He ________ his dog for a walk today.


2. Elige la respuesta correcta:

1- I do / ‘m doing my homework at the moment.

2- Every summer we visit / are visiting our family.

3- He gets up / is getting up early every day.

4- Ana can’t go out now, she talks / ‘s talking on the phone.

5- My cousin always wants / ‘s wanting to play with me.

6- I help / ‘m helping my mother to clean the house only this week.

7- I´m very tired and I drink / ´m drinking coffee now.

8- She always has / is having lunch at home.

9- Now I know / ´m knowing what you mean.

10- My sister is / is being a secretary.