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Ejercicios de la Voz Pasiva en Inglés

Crea oraciones de voz pasiva a partir de oraciones activas


Ann reads her mother’s letter.

Many worshipers visit  the old church this year.

It is said the little children are afraid of ghosts.

Lily plays a song with the guitar.

Matt builds a new house for his family.

Robert has repaired many cars.


She bought many books this month.

They won the match yesterday.

The family ate a full lunch.

Grandmother knew many good stories for children.


Lola asks María a question in English.

Somebody sold that house a month ago.

María has not read the magazine yet.


Completar las oraciones. 

A book … Ann ( to write)

A letter Ann ( read)

The street … the accident ( to close)

A bakery … us next week ( to open/ will-future) lovers in Saint Valentine’s day ( to send/ will -future)

Strange buildings … mysterious civilizations ( past To build)

The new lesson … the teacher today. ( To explain)

This Friday a the classroom ( to read/ future)


Cuál oración no es pasiva?

Four friends were lost in the sea for weeks, but now they are fine

Half of his life was lived at London.

Hours were counted  before they arrived.

To be ill was considered bad luck in some civilizations.