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Ejercicios de Will en Inglés

1) Mira las reglas anteriores (de la lección Will) y dí el número de la regla que se está aplicando.

1- I’ll always love you. __ 4 __

2- Shall I knit a scarf? _____

3- I’ll play chess with you. _____

4- He’ll be a good at hunting. _____

5- What shall we play, chess, card games or darts ? _____

6- I won’t jog in the end. I’m too tired. _____


2) Completa las siguientes frases con ‘will’, ‘won’t’, o ‘shall’.

1- I _ will _ go fishing with you.

2- This watch is very expensive. I _____ buy it.

3- _____ I ask James if he can play the guitar?

4- I _____ try to be more careful with my painting.

5- _____ you do it? I can’t believe it!