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Preguntar a un Amigo Sobre sus Vacaciones - Lectura en Inglés

Daniel: How was the holiday, did you have a good trip?

Stacey: It was amazing; some of the things that I experienced were indescribable. It was the holiday of a lifetime I can’t believe I was away for six months it went so quickly

Daniel: What countries did you visit?

Stacey: I travelled right across America, stopping in California, Las Vegas and Hawaii. From Hawaii I travelled by cruise ship across the Pacific Ocean, through Fiji and I got off in Australia

Daniel: What a trip! Is Hawaii as beautiful as it looks on television?

Stacey: It was like a tropical paradise. One of my fondest moments is lying in a hammock placed between palm trees, looking over at the sun set in the Pacific Ocean

Daniel: Did you catch a direct flight back to the UK from Australia?

Stacey: No, from Australia I stopped off in France where I spent five weeks travelling across Europe, through Spain, Italy and Germany. I especially liked visiting the French vineyards, sampling their many different varieties of wine. I was never keen on wine until I visited, and now I am well and truly converted

Daniel: So you are not an avid vodka drinker any more then?! You have come back after six months cultured and travelled

Stacey: I still like vodka of course, only now I am able to appreciate many different types of wine too.

Daniel: How was the weather in France?

Stacey: Very mild, but it seemed cold compared with America and Australia where I had spent the previous few weeks. It was a lot warmer in Spain though, which I liked. I have only ever visited the tourist areas of Spain previously, so this time it was a refreshing change to be able to learn about the Spanish culture

Daniel: Did you learn any of the Spanish language while you were there?

Stacey: I learnt a few words and phrases, but I think I would have to spend many years there in order to become a fluent Spanish speaker

Daniel: What is your favourite memory from the trip?

Stacey: I have got many remarkable memories from the holiday, seeing the different wildlife in its natural environment is something that I enjoyed seeing. There are many beautiful tropical birds and fish in different countries that you just don’t see here in England

Daniel: Do you think you would ever emigrate? It sounds like you enjoyed spending time in the other countries, would you ever consider moving away?

Stacey: As much as I enjoyed seeing the world and all of its astonishing sights I don’t think I would ever emigrate. Despite the bad weather and comparatively dull sights England will always be home to me I could never move away. I would love to travel again for another six months in the future

Daniel: Where would you visit next time, do you have anywhere in mind?

Stacey: I would love to visit Asia, especially China and Japan. I have researched the countries and I find their culture fascinating. I would also love to visit India and Malaysia too

Daniel: I think you should start saving then!