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Hacer un Reporte a la Policía - Lectura en Inglés

Policeman: We have received a report of a commotion outside; can someone please tell me what happened here?

Stacey: I saw the whole thing from my window. Two men stole the handbag of a woman who was waiting for the bus.

Policeman: Did you get a good look at the criminals? Could you describe them for me please?

Stacey: The criminals were both Caucasian males. The first man was aged between twenty and twenty five. He was around five foot ten, slim build with short fair hair. The second man looked older; I’d guess him at about thirty five. He was medium to large build but shorter than the first man. He had a lot of facial hair

Policeman: By facial hair, do you mean a beard and a moustache?

Stacey: Yes he had both a beard and a moustache that was very dark in colour

Policeman: Did either of the men have any distinguishing features?

Stacey: The younger man had a very prominent scar on his face, across one of his cheeks. The older man looked as though he had teeth missing but I couldn’t be sure from where I was standing

Policeman: Could you describe to me what both of the men were wearing?

Stacey: The older man was wearing a heavy knit jacket with a tartan pattern on the pockets and a blue baseball cap. Both were wearing dark blue jeans, the younger man was wearing a red tracksuit top with a white trim along the bottom.

Policeman: Can you describe exactly how the scenario played out?

Stacey: It looked as though the younger man came over to ask the woman a question. While she was distracted the older man came from behind her and took her handbag. Then both men proceeded to run off, using the entry opposite as an escape route

Policeman: So the pair was definitely working together then. Well I think you have given me enough details, the two sound like they will be easily spotted once I radio through their descriptions to my officers

Stacey: What is the likelihood of finding them?

Policeman: The pair sound like experienced criminals, which mean they are likely to strike again. We have a clear description of them and it is only a matter of time until they are caught. Hopefully we find them tonight so they do not get the opportunity to strike again

Stacey: It is a terrible thing to happen to anyone, hopefully they will be caught soon and justice will be served

Policeman: Thank you for your time and patience, I hope you can still manage to enjoy the rest of your afternoon.