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Reservando una Excursión: Lectura en Inglés

La siguiente converzación ocurre entre Stacey y el agente de viajes. ¿Puedes entender todo lo que dicen?


Travel Agent: Good afternoon, how can I help you this morning?

Stacey: Hello I am looking to go on a day trip. Can you recommend any popular destinations?

Travel Agent: Would you like to travel to a destination within the UK, or take the ferry to a European destination?

Stacey: I would like to just stay in the UK; I am planning a longer trip in the next few months where I will be travelling to Europe

Travel Agent: That’s perfectly understandable. What sort of trip were you planning? A theme park? Sightseeing? Or perhaps somewhere with a seaside?

Stacey: All of those trips sound like fun. I like the idea of the seaside, I haven’t been since I was a child

Travel Agent: Our coaches travel to a number of seaside destinations; Blackpool, Great Yarmouth, Rhyl?

Stacey: Which of these would you recommend? I will be travelling with three friends aged between twenty one and twenty five

Travel Agent: Blackpool sounds like the ideal destination for you. We can offer an inclusive price for return coach tickets and access the Blackpool Pleasure Beach fairground for £50 per person. Blackpool is well known for its nightlife, and you are able to visit the fair as well as the beach. Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Stacey: That sounds fantastic. Could I please buy four inclusive tickets today?

Travel Agent: Would you like to pay by cash or credit card?

Stacey: I will be paying by credit card today

Travel Agent: Here is a brochure telling you all of the things you can do in Blackpool. There are a number of different shows and attractions you can visit if you choose. The coach departs from Coventry bus station at 08.30 and will arrive in Blackpool at 10am.

Stacey: What time is the return coach?

Travel Agent: The return coach is at 10pm from Blackpool bus and coach station. It is very important that you are not late, as the coach driver is only permitted to wait until 10.10pm. There is a map of Blackpool town centre in the brochure; it will show you how to get back to the station

Stacey: I will make sure me or my friends are not late! Thank you for all of the information

Travel Agent: No problem, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip.