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Aplicando Para un Curso de Medio Tiempo

La siguiente conversación ocurre entre Stacey y el recepcionista de una universidad. Intenta comprender todo el texto.


Stacey: Hello I am looking to enrol onto a part time college course. Do you have a prospectus I could take a look at?

Receptionist: Yes I have one here, please take your time and consider all of the options before making a decision

Stacey: I already have an idea of what I would like to do, but I need to see if it will fit around my work schedule. Can you give me some information about the social science courses?

Receptionist: Currently we have places on our psychology, sociology and international studies. You can either enrol now for a January start, or enrol in August for a September start

Stacey: Are they part time or full time courses? I am only able to study part time because of work commitments

Receptionist: International studies is a full time course, however psychology and sociology offer part time study courses due to the popularity

Stacey: So I am able to study either sociology or psychology part time. I have always been interested in psychology, but in the last few years I have become fascinated with current affairs with crime and law in society. I am undecided about which course to choose

Receptionist: What are your future career plans?

Stacey: I work at a law firm which specialises in preventing fraud and money laundering

Receptionist: So you have experience of working in a legal setting and you are also interested in crime and law. I would suggest the sociology course as it is closely linked to your interests and the experience you already have

Stacey: I would like to study psychology but I think you are right, I think sociology is the course that is most suited to me

Receptionist: Currently we have twelve places available for a January start but they are going to fill up fast. Would you like me to enrol you onto the course today, or were you planning a September start?

Stacey: No I was planning on starting as soon as possible so could I sign up today please?

Receptionist: I will need two forms of ID and a letter with your address on. Do you have those documents with you today?

Stacey: Yes I have come prepared, here is my passport, driving license and a gas bill with my address on.

Receptionist: The bill must be from the last three months, is it recent?

Stacey: Yes this bill arrived just last week

Receptionist: I will need to photocopy all of your documents. I will schedule a welcome pack to be posted to you as well; this will tell you start dates and where you should go in January for your first classes. This course is £175 per semester, would you like to pay now or set up a payment plan?

Stacey: Could I set up a payment plan of £50 per week please

Receptionist: Of course. I will be sure to send out the direct debit forms with your welcome pack. Congratulations and good luck with your new course.