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En el Restaurante - Lectura en Inglés

En la siguiente lectura, Stacey va al restaurante con su novio, Daniel. Intenta seguir la conversación.


Waiter: Good evening madam, good evening sir

Stacey: Good evening, could we have a table for two by the window please?

Waiter: Certainly, please follow me this way

(The couple are seated)

Waiter: Do you know what you would like to drink, or would you like to see the wine list?

Daniel: Could we have a bottle of your finest champagne please? Tonight is our anniversary celebration.

Waiter: Of course, I will have it brought out to you and give you chance to decide what you would like from the menu. I hope we can make your anniversary an occasion to remember

(Hands over menus)

Daniel: Everything looks delicious, I don’t know what to choose

Stacey: I will have the tomato soup, the same thing I had on our first date

Daniel: In that case I will have tomato soup for my starter as well. I think I will have the steak and salad for my main course, a friend of mine recommended it to me

Stacey: I am going to have the chicken and potatoes

Waiter: Here is your champagne, are you ready to order from the menu yet?

Daniel: Could we have two bowls of tomato soup for starters, followed by the steak and salad for me and the chicken and potatoes for my wife. I would like my steak very rare please

Waiter: Excellent choice, please help yourself to bread rolls while you wait for your food to arrive

Stacey: This restaurant is one of my favourites, the staff is always very hospitable.

Daniel: The waiters are very attentive and the food is always great. My friends at work eat here regularly, they believe it is the best place to eat in the city.

(Waiter places down bowls)

Waiter: Here is your tomato soup, please watch the bowl as it is very hot

Stacey: Could we have some water to drink with the meal please?

Waiter: I will bring you a large jug of water to share, with ice and lemon slices

Daniel: This soup is fantastic, very creamy and full of flavour

Stacey: I agree, the texture is just right not too thick or too thin

(Waiter clears bowls and serves main courses)

Waiter: I hope you enjoyed your starter, your main course is served. Chicken and potatoes for the lady, and steak and salad for you sir

Daniel: The chef is very talented, my beef is incredibly juicy. I find that lot of restaurants overcook their meat

Stacey: The sauce with my chicken is exquisite, I can taste a combination of many different herbs and spices

Waiter: Was everything okay with the meal? Would you like to order any desserts?

Daniel: The meal was perfect thank you, but we will not be ordering any desserts as we are far too full! Could we have the cheque please?

Waiter: Of course, I will fetch you the bill

(The couple pay and stand to leave)

Waiter: I hope you enjoyed your meal and had a fantastic time tonight. We look forward to serving you again

Stacey: We had a lovely time thank you, and we will definitely be back soon. Good night

Daniel: Good night