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En el Tren - Lectura en Inglés

La siguiente conversación ocurre en la estación de tren. Stacey quiere ir a la estación de Liverpool Lime Street. Lee la lectura completa e intenta analizar su significado. No te preocupes si no entiendes el significado de todas las palabras, simplemente regresa a la sección intermedia y sigue practicando antes de continuar a las siguientes lecturas.


Stacey: Good morning, could I have a return ticket to Liverpool Lime Street station please? I would like to arrive at my destination before 11:30am.

Ticket Operator: Good morning, unfortunately there are no direct trains to Liverpool Lime Street running until after 1pm today. You will need to board the 08:37 train for Birmingham International and stand at platform five. A direct train leaves there at 09.10, and gets to Liverpool for 11.20.

Stacey: Are there likely to be any delays today that will prevent me arriving on time?

Ticket Operator: We cannot guarantee that there will not be delays, however all of our trains this morning are running on time and have been for the past week. We are hoping that things will continue to run smoothly

Stacey: In that case, could I please purchase a ticket to Liverpool Lime Street via Birmingham International please?

Ticket Operator: That will be £70 for an Anytime Return ticket. This means that you can travel today and return any time within the next month. If you have a Rail Card you will save 15% today

Stacey: I do not have a Rail Card as I only make this journey once a year. Which platform does the train to Birmingham International depart from?

Ticket Operator: Platform three. Your train to Liverpool Lime Street leaves at 09.10 from Birmingham International, platform five

Stacey: Thank you for your help

(boards train)

Train Announcement: This is your Midlands Network train travelling from Coventry to Birmingham New Street. The train will call at the following stations: Canley, Tile Hill, Birmingham International and terminate at Birmingham New Street. Toilet and baby changing facilities are located in the middle section of the train. Please have a safe journey

Ticket Conductor: Can all passengers be ready for inspection of tickets. Please be aware that off peak tickets are not valid for this journey

Stacey: Here is my ticket to Birmingham International

Ticket Conductor: Thank you, enjoy the rest of your journey

(leaves train)

Stacey: Excuse me, could you tell me where platform five is located?

Rail Staff: Platforms one to five can be found at the other side of the station. You will need to leave using the exit stairs to the left, and through the double doors. Be sure to have your ticket ready for inspection.

Stacey: Have there been any delays which affect trains travelling to Liverpool Lime Street?

Rail Staff: We have had a few minor delays, but trains departing from platform five appear to be on time.

Stacey: Thank you for your help

(boards train)

Train announcement: This is the Virgin National Train travelling from Birmingham International to Liverpool Lime Street. The journey is expected to take two hours and ten minutes with an arrival time of 11:20am. The middle cabin is currently serving beverages and snacks. Please be aware that first class seats are reserved for customers with a first class ticket. Economy seats are located towards the back of the train. Please have a safe and enjoyable journey.