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En el Hospital - Lectura en Inglés

En las lecturas te encontrarás con situaciones comunes en paises de habla inglesa.Intenta comprender toda la lectura y si no entiendes alguna palabra, regresa a la lección correspondiente. 


Doctor: Hello my name is Dr Smith, what is the problem today?

Stacey: Earlier today I slipped down some steps and hurt my ankle, I think I have sprained it.

Doctor: it looks very swollen, are you able to walk on it?

Stacey: I can’t walk on it as it is very painful to put any weight on it. I have had an ice pack on it for the last two hours but it is still very painful.

Doctor: It is a good thing you put ice on it or it would have been a lot more swollen. I am worried you might have broken a bone; I’m going to send you for an x-ray. Here are some crutches to help keep the weight off your leg until we know what is wrong.

Radiologist: Please turn your leg to the left and hold very still while I take the x-ray.

Stacey: have I broken anything? I am hoping it is just a sprain.

Radiologist: It looks to me like you have broken a bone in your lower leg. Please speak to the nurse outside; she will speak to you about your plaster cast.

Nurse: Please take the door to your right and take a seat. I will be over in a few minutes to put a cast on your leg to help the bone to heal.

Stacey: How long will the plaster cast have to stay on my leg?

Nurse: The cast has to stay to stay on for six to eight weeks; you will need to buy a waterproof cover from the shop outside the waiting room. This will stop it from getting wet when you have a bath or shower. Here are some painkillers to take, you must rest your leg as much as possible.

Stacey: When do I next need to come back to the hospital?

Nurse: Come back in six weeks from today so we can check how the bone is healing. If the bone has healed well you will be able to have the plaster cast taken off and return your crutches. If we are not happy about how the bone is healed you will have to wait for up to two more weeks.

Stacey: I hope it heals quickly! I don’t like the thought of being stuck in a plaster cast for eight whole weeks.

Nurse: If you rest enough I’m sure the bone will heal quickly and you will be back on your feet in no time.