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En la Tienda de Mascotas: Lección en Inglés

Shopkeeper: Good morning, how can I help you?

Stacey: Good morning, I have just moved into a new house and would like to buy a pet to keep me company.

Shopkeeper: Do you have an idea of the kind of animal that you want?

Stacey: I haven’t decided on the exact animal I want, but I am looking for a small and friendly pet that is happy to be left on its own when I go to work in the day time.

Shopkeeper: We have many different types of fish available? They don’t mind being left alone and do not cost very much to keep

Stacey: I am looking for a more social animal than a fish. They look nice in the tank but I don’t like how you can’t interact with them. Can you suggest anything else?

Shopkeeper: How about a bird? We have parrots, canaries or budgies

Stacey: I don’t think a bird is the kind of pet I am looking for today. I used to own guinea pigs when I was a child, I liked being able to get them out of their hutch and play with them.

Shopkeeper: So you would like a pet that you can play with? We don’t have any guinea pigs in the shop today, but how about a mouse or a hamster? These are happy to be left alone while you are at work but you can also take them out of their cage and play with them

Stacey: I think I would prefer a slightly bigger animal than a mouse or hamster. I would be worried about losing it!

Shopkeeper: Would you like to own a rabbit? These are friendly, small animals just like you wanted. They are not too small and you would be able to leave them on their own in the day time when you are at work.

Stacey: I think a rabbit is a good choice, I would like the brown and white rabbit please. What else do I need to buy for my new pet?

Shopkeeper: You will need a hutch, food and water bowls, straw bedding and some rabbit food.

Stacey: Thank you, could I please buy those items?

Shopkeeper: That will be £85.50 please. Please take this leaflet, it will tell you how to look after your new pet. Rabbits cannot some foods so please read it carefully.

Stacey: I will be sure to read the leaflet, I will also get a book from the library to learn how to care for my rabbit

Shopkeeper: Rabbits and guinea pigs can live together happily, so if you ever get pet guinea pigs they can live with your rabbit in this big hutch.

Stacey: If I decide to own more pets I will bear that in mind, thank you!

Shopkeeper: Now you have everything you need, good luck in your new home with your pet rabbit

Stacey: Thank you for all of your help