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Haciendo un Pastel: Lectura en Inglés

Stacey:  Today is my mother’s birthday and I would like to bake a birthday cake

Toni: Do you have all of the ingredients you need?

Stacey: The recipe is very simple, all we need is sugar, flour, eggs, milk and butter. Can you check in the cupboards and the fridge to see if we have them?

Toni: I can see flour, sugar and butter but you do not have any eggs or milk. Shall we get them from the shop?

Stacey: Yes, the shop is just down the street we can get them from in there


Shopkeeper: Good afternoon, how can I help you?

Stacey: Good afternoon, I am looking for a carton of eggs and a pint of milk to make a cake. Could you show me where they are please?

Shopkeeper: Of course, the milk is in the fridge at the back of the shop. The eggs are on the shelf to your left. Is the cake for something special?

Stacey: Yes it will be for my mother’s birthday, I would like to surprise her.

Toni: Which type of milk do you need, skimmed, semi- skimmed or whole?

Stacey: The recipe needs half a pint of semi skimmed milk, could you get it out of the fridge for me please?

Toni: How many eggs do you need? They come in cartons of six or twelve

Stacey: I only need two eggs, so the carton of six will be fine

Shopkeeper: Good luck baking your cake. That will be £1.49 in total please, would you like a bag?

Stacey: Thank you. Yes I would like a bag please, enjoy the rest of your afternoon.


Toni: The recipe book says we need a large bowl, whisk and a wooden spoon. We also need weighing scales and a cake tin to bake it in the oven.

Stacey: First we need to mix the butter and sugar together, then we can add the eggs

Toni: Be sure not to get any egg shell into the mixture, and make sure you weigh out all of the ingredients carefully

Stacey: Now we need to add the flour and the milk carefully until the mixture is smooth. Can you switch on the oven to 200 degrees please? We need to cook this for twenty minutes until it is golden brown.

Stacey: Now that the cake is cooked and cooled we can put it in this plastic box to protect it

Toni: Your mother only lives a short bus ride away so we should be able to get it to her in one piece.