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Ejercicios para Hacer Preguntas en Inglés

Crear tag questions con las siguientes oraciones:

You wrote an article for my site,-------

My grandmother and my sister are really good cooks,-------

She had writen a beautiful book,-------

That is your new bag,------

We shall go to the beach tomorrow, ------

You have a dollar to lend me,------

You won´t sell your house,-----

They have been living here for years,-------

You listened what he said,---------

He worked repairing PCs,-----

Recently I met him, ------

Finally I learned the lesson,------

I can smoke here,-------

Fine food and spicy food are tasty,-------

I have spent a week with them,----

He owned that house,------

They liked to read aloud,------

He has lost much more than money this year,------

Wine is good for health,--------