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Ejercicios de Sustantivos Contables e Incontables en Inglés

1) Elige ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’ o nada para completar las oraciones.

1- There is _____ carrot.

2- Here are _____ onions.

3- Bring me _____ bread.

4- There is  _____ apple in the fridge.

5- _____ oranges come from trees.

6- _____ milk is white.


2) Decide si los siguientes sustantivos son contables o incontables:

1- Escuchar The water I drank was not O.K.

2- Escuchar Bring me here this loaf of bread!

3- Escuchar I want to eat some mushrooms

4- Escuchar The cake is ready

5- Escuchar The milk is on the table