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Benefits Of Learning French Language

This blog will be of great help learning languages for English speakers.

French language is an Indo-European language, it descended from Latin. In this article I will be enlightening you with the benefits of learning French language and how it act as an ingredient for your success.

Let’s start with why we should learn French? First of all it is the second most widely spoken language in the world after English. French is the official language of 68 states in the world. It has a very long and rich history. One of the most important reasons for learning French is its standing in the world of business, art and science; it has been known to be an international language of commerce, scientific standards, diplomacy and literature. In addition to this it is the official language of the United Nations, WTO, European Union, NATO, International Olympic Committee and ICRC.

It is very beneficial from a business point of view as according to Bloomberg Businessweek, French is among the top three business languages along with English and Chinese. This can really help you if your business is on an international level or you are planning to take it international. French is the language that is spoken on 5 continents so language barrier will never be a problem for you.

French institutions are top ranked in the world, and in order to benefit from them you must know the language, knowing French will also make you eligible for the scholarships in French universities. This can be your chance of achieving a top of the line education. If you are worried about learning French, then put all your worries aside, because French is a very easy and fun language to learn regardless of the age group or country you are from, in a matter of no time you will be communicating in French.

Learning French opens up new doors of languages and countries for you, you can learn all the Romance languages while keeping French as the basis. The Romance languages include; Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. French is often called as the language of love, so who knows it might prove to be lucky in your love life as well and who knows you might end up saying ‘Je vous aime’ instead of ‘I love you’.

So now you know the benefits of learning French, let’s start with the basics of French language. Following are some common place easy French language phrases that will give you a little know how of the language:

  • Hello/Good morning Bonjour
  • Good night Bonne Nuit
  • Good bye Au revoir
  • Thank you (very much) Merci (beaucoup)
  • You’re Welcome De rien
  • Yes Oui
  • No Non
  • Excuse me Pardon
  • My name is Sarah Je M’appelle Sarah
  • What’s your name? Comment vous appelez-vous?
  • Nice to meet you Ecchante(e)
  • Mister/Sir Monsieur
  • Mrs/Madam Madame
  • Miss Mademoiselle
  • I am from (America) Je suis de (America)
  • Where are you from? Tu es d’ou
  • I don’t understand Je ne Comprends pas
  • Can you help me? Pouvez-vous m’aider?
  • I am Lost Je suis perdu
  • How much is this? Combien cela coute

These are some of the basic phrases and words that can help you communicate with French people before you officially start learning the language.  So start learning the language it is very easy, all you need to do is put in a little effort and dedication.

Revior et prendre soin!
(Good bye and Take care)


Published: 7/2015. Author: Pete. Updated: 7/2015.