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Portuguese Ordinal Numbers - Portuguese Lessons

The Portuguese cardinal numbers are not as difficult to memorize as you might think. Moreover, they are very similar to other languages, which will make learning other languages so much easier. Well, let's get started!

Number In Portuguese In English
1º  ListenPrimeiro First
2º  ListenSegundo Second
3º  ListenTerceiro Third
4º  ListenQuarto Fourth
5º  ListenQuinto Fifth
6º  ListenSexto Sixth
7º  ListenSétimo Seventh
8º  ListenOitavo Eighth
9º  ListenNono Ninth
10º  ListenDécimo Tenth
11º  ListenDécimo Primeiro Eleventh
20º  ListenVigésimo Twentieth
23º  ListenVigésimo Terceiro Twenty-Third
30º  ListenTrigésimo Thirtieth
35º  ListenTrigésimo Quinto Thirtieth-Fifth
40º  ListenQuadragésimo Fourtieth
50º  ListenQuinquagésimo Fiftieth
60º  ListenSextagésimo Sixtieth
70º  ListenSeptuagésimo Seventieth
80º  ListenOitagésimo Eightieth
90º  ListenNonagésimo Ninetieth
100º  ListenCentésimo Hundredth