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Music - Forró - Portuguese Lessons

Forró is a rhythm and dance typical of northeastern Brazil (a poor region) and is practiced in parties in the month of June (known as “quadrilhas”) and other events. In Forró, many musical rhythms of the region, such as ballad, the “ quadrilha”, the “ xaxado” has Dutch influences and schottische, who came from Portugal, and are played traditionally by trios, composed of a concertina (accordion player, that in Forró is traditionally the low eight accordion), zabumbeiro a player and a triangle. It is also called foot-dragging.

Forró has similarities with the foot drop and the Indians, with the Portuguese and the Dutch binary rhythms.
The dance Forró has a direct influence of European ballroom dances, as evidenced by our history of European colonization and invasion.
It is a dance sexy, soft, sensual and most of the Brazilian people like.

Listen as many times as you want, enjoy the rhythm and try to dance.

The singer is called Gilberto Gil, one of the best singers we have in Brazil, a very intelligent person, who was also the Minister of Culture of this country a few years ago.


Watch the video and fill in the blanks.

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