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Exercises of the Introduction to the Subjunctive in Spanish

Tell if the following phrases should be used with indicative or subjunctive from what you learned above

1. no es dudoso que (it is not doubtful that)

2. no es cierto que  (it's not certain that)

3. es verdad que (it's true that) 

4. negar que (deny that) 

5. no parecer que (to not seem that) 

6. es obvio que (it is obvious that) 

7. es evidente que (it is certain that)            

8. no estar seguro de que (to not be sure that) 

9. es verdad que (it is true that) 

10. no dudo que (to not doubt that) 

11. es posible que (it’s possible that) 

12. estar seguro de que (to be certain that) 

13. no hay duda que  (there is no doubt that)