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Days in French

In French, months, week days and seasons are quite easy to learn. Many of these words like ( Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Décembre....) sound almost like English. In this lesson you are going to be introduced to week days, months, seasons in French.


Les jours de la semaine/ Days of the week :

Day Pronunciation In English
Lundi Listen (luhn-DEE) Monday
Mardi Listen (mahr-DEE) Tuesday
Mercredi Listen (mehr-kruh-DEE) Wednesday
Jeudi Listen (juh-DEE) Thursday
Vendredi Listen (vahn-druh-DEE) Friday
Samedi Listen (sahm-DEE) Saturday
Dimanche Listen (dee-MAHNSH) Sunday



  • Lundi, je pars en Inde – On monday, I am travelling to India
  • Mardi, elle va au cinéma – On tuesday, she goes to the movies
  • Mercredi, il va à la plage – On wednesday, he goes to the beach
  • Jeudi, nous allons au restaurant – On thursday we go to a restaurant
  • Vendredi, vous allez boire un verre avec vos amis – On friday, you go for a drink with your friends
  • Samedi, Anne fait le marché – On saturday, Anne goes to the market
  • Dimanche, ils vont se promener – On sunday, they go for a walk


In French  Pronunciation Meaning
aujourd'hui (aw-zhoor-DWEE) today
hier (YEHR) yesterday
demain (duh-MANG) tomorrow
cette semaine (set SMEN) this week
la semaine dernière (lah SMEN dehr-NYEHR) last week
la semaine prochaine (lah SMEN proh-SHEN) next week


Examples :

  • Hier, je suis allée chez Caroline – Yesterday, I went to see Caroline.
  • Aujourd’hui, je vais à la gym – Today, I am going to the gym.
  • Demain, Steve va faire un cake – Tomorrow Steve will make a cake.
  • La semaine prochaine, Annabelle commence son régime – Next week, Annabelle will start her diet. 


Find the matching day in French.

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