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French Verbs

Starting with Letter A

Abaisser (to lower)Abandonner (to desert, abandon)Abasourdir (to daze, bewilder)
Abolir (to abolish)Aborder (to approach, reach)Aboutir (to succeed, end up)
Abroger (to move)Absoudre (to absolve)Accabler (to overwhelm, overwhelm; to condemn)
Accéder (to reach, attain; to accede to)Accepter (to accept, take)Acclamer (to cheer, acclaim)
Accommoder (to use, prepare, combine)Accompagner (to accompany)Accomplir (to accomplish)
Accoucher (to be in labor, to give birth)Accourir (to hurry)Accrocher (to hang (up))
Accroître (to increase)Acculturer (to acculturate, help adapt to)Accumuler (to accumulate)
Accuser (to accuse)Acheminer (to forward, dispatch, transport)Acheter (to buy)
Adapter (to adapt)Adhérer (to adhere)Admirer (to admire)
Adopter (to adopt)Adorer (to adore)Adoucir (to make milder, smoother; to soften)
Advenir (to happen)Affecter (to affect)Affermer (to rent, lease)
Afficher (to post, exhibit)Affliger (to afflict)Agir (to act)
Agrandir (to enlarge, make bigger)Aider (to help)Aimer (to like, love)
Ajouter (to add)Alimenter (to feed)Aller (to go (simple conjugations))
Allécher (to make one's mouth water, tempt)Alterner (to alternate)Altérer (to alter, distort)
Amuser (to amuse)Améliorer (to improve)Aménager (to fit)
Anéantir (to annihilate; to overwhelm, wear out)Animer (to lead, impel, encourage, liven up)Annoncer (to announce)
Apercevoir (to catch site of, to foresee)Apporter (to bring)Apprendre (to learn)
Approuver (to approve of)Apprécier (to appreciate)Apprêter (to prepare s.o./s.t., get s.o./s.t. ready)
Appuyer (to support, back; to lean on)Arracher (to pull up/out)Arranger (to arrange)
Arroser (to water)Arrêter (to stop; to arrest)Aspirer (to inhale; to suck)
Assaillir (to assail, attack)Asseoir (to seat, to sit/set down)Associer (to associate)
Assouplir (to soften)Astreindre (to compel, force)Attaquer (to attack)
Attarder (to make late)Atteindre (to attain, reach)Attirer (to attract)
Attraper (to catch, pick up)Attribuer (to attribute)Attrister (to sadden)
Augmenter (to increase, raise; to rise)Autoriser (to authorize)Avaler (to swallow)
Avancer (to advance)Avertir (to warn)Avouer (to vow)

Starting with Letter B

Bagarrer (to fight, argue)Bâcler ((inf) to botch; throw together)Baigner (to bathe (someone else))
Baisser (to lower)Balancer (to sway, swing, rock)Barrer (to bar, block, close, cross out)
Bâtir (to build)Baver (to dribble, leak; (fam) to have a hard time)Bégayer (to stammer, stutter)
Bénir (to bless)Blâmer (to blame)Blanchir (to bleach, whiten)
Blêmir (to pale)Bleuir (to turn blue)Boire (to drink)
Bombarder (to bomb)Bondir (to jump up, bounce)Boucher (to cork, plug, block)
Boucler (to buckle, fasten; to settle, complete)Bouffer (to be full, have volume; (fam) to gobble)Bouger (to move)
Bourrer (to fill, stuff)Bousculer (to bump into; to hurry; to liven up)Branler (to shake, be shaky, loose)
Briller (to shine)Briser (to break, smash; to ruin; to tire out)Bronzer (to tan)
Brosser (to brush)Broyer (to grind, crush)Brunir (to darken, tan)

Starting with Letter C

Calculer (to calculate)Captiver (to fascinate, captivate)Caractériser (to characterize)
Caresser (to caress)Casser (to break)Causer (to chat; to cause)
Céder (to give up, cede; to dispose of)Centraliser (to centralize)Cerner (to encircle, surround)
Certifier (to certify)Cesser (to cease, stop)Changer (to change)
Charger (to load)Châtier (to refine, perfect, (religion) to chasten, mortify)Chatouiller (to tickle)
Chauffer (to heat)Chausser (to put shoes on; to fit)Chercher (to look for)
Chérir (to cherish)Choisir (to choose)Choquer (to shock, appall; to shake up)
Chuchoter (to whisper)Chuter (to fall, drop; to fail)Circoncire (to circumcise)
Citer (to quote, cite)Claquer (to bang, ring out; to snap)Clarifier (to clarify)
Classer (to file, classify; to grade)Cligner (to blink)Clignoter (to blink, twinkle, flash, flicker)
Clocher (to be defective, have something wrong (informal))Cloîtrer (to shut away, cloister)Clore (to close, conclude)
Cocher (to check off, tick; to notch, groove)Coiffer (to do someone's hair)Coincer (to wedge, jam; to catch s.o. out)
Coller (to glue, stick, paste)Combattre (to fight, combat)Combler (to fill in; to fulfill, make up)
Commander (to order)Commencer (to begin, start, commence)Commettre (to commit)
Comparaître (to appear in court)Complimenter (to compliment, congratulate)Compliquer (to complicate)
Compléter (to complete)Composer (to select, form; to write, compose; to dial)Comprendre (to understand)
Concéder (to concede)Concevoir (to conceive)Conduire (to drive, lead, conduct)
Confire (to conserve)Connaître (to know, be familiar with)Conseiller (to advise, recommend)
Consentir (to consent)Considérer (to consider)Consoler (to console, soothe)
Constater (to notice, record, certify)Construire (to build, construct)Contenir (to contain)
Conter (to recount, relate, tell)Continuer (to continue)Contraindre (to force, compel)
Contrôler (to control)Convaincre (to convince)Copier (to copy)
Correspondre (to correspond)Coudre (to sew)Couper (to cut)
Courber (to bend, bow)Courir (to run)Coûter (to cost)
Couvrir (to cover)Craindre (to fear)Créditer (to credit)
Créer (to create)Creuser (to hollow, dig; to go into thoroughly)Crever (to burst, puncture; to wear out)
Crisper (to tense; to get on s.o.'s nerves)Critiquer (to criticize)Crocheter (to pick (a lock), to crochet)
Croître (to grow)Cueillir (to gather, pick)Cuire (to cook)
Culpabiliser (to make someone feel guilty)Cultiver (to cultivate)Cumuler (to do two things simultaneously)

Starting with Letter D

Daigner (to deign, condescend)Danser (to dance)Dater (to date (from), be outdated)
Déballer (to unpack; to let out)Débarquer (to unload; to land; to fire)Débarrasser (to clear, rid (s.o.) of)
Débattre (to debate)Débrouiller (to untangle, sort out; to teach s.o. the basics)Décerner (to give, award)
Décevoir (to disappoint)Décider (to decide)Déclarer (to declare, announce)
Déclore (to reopen, resume)Déconfire (to be beaten)Découdre (to unpick, take out stitches)
Décourager (to discourage)Décroître (to decrease)Défiler (to unthread; to march, parade; to unwind)
Définir (to define)Déguiser (to disguise)Déguster (to taste, sample, savor)
Demander (to ask)Déjeuner (to have lunch)Délibérer (to deliberate)
Déménager (to move (house))Démolir (to demolish)Dénoncer (to denounce)
Départir (to accord)Dépeindre (to depict)Déplacer (to move, shift; to displace; to transfer)
Dépouiller (to persue; to skin, strip)Déprimer (to depress)Déprécier (to depreciate; to belittle)
Dépêcher (to hurry)Déranger (to disturb)Dérober (to steal; to hide, conceal)
Dérouler (to unwind, unroll)Descendre (to go down, descend)Désigner (to indicate, point out; to name, designate)
Désirer (to desire, want)Désobéir (to disobey)Dessiner (to draw)
Détacher (to untie, undo; to remove, detach; to dispatch)Déteindre (to bleach, to leach)Détester (to hate)
Détourner (to divert)Détruire (to destroy)Devancer (to do s.t. ahead of s.o.)
Devenir (to become)Devoir (must, to have to; to owe)Dicter (to dictate)
Différer (to differ)Dîner (to have dinner)Dire (to say, tell)
Disjoindre (to disconnect, separate)Disposer (to arrange; to dispose s.o. to; to have)Disputer (to dispute)
Disséminer (to disseminate)Dissiper (to dissipate)Dissoudre (to dissolve)
Distinguer (to distinguish)Distraire (to distract; to amuse, entertain)Diviser (to divide)
Divorcer (to divorce)Dompter (to tame, subdue)Donner (to give)
Dorer (to gild; to sweeten (figurative))Dormir (to sleep)Doucher (to shower (someone/something else))
Douer (to endow s.o. with)Douter (to doubt)Dresser (to stand up, raise; to write (a list))
Durer (to last) 

Starting with Letter E

Ébranler (to shake; to weaken, compromise)Écarter (to move apart, spread open)Échanger (to exchange)
Échouer (to fail)Éclaircir (to lighten, brighten; to thin)Éclater (to burst, explode; to break out; to shine)
Éclore (to hatch)Écouter (to listen to)Écrire (to write)
Effrayer (to frighten)Égarer (to mislead, mislay)Égayer (to entertain)
Élever (to raise, bring up, rear)Élire (to elect)Embarquer (to embark, load; (fam) to steal)
Embarrasser (to clutter, hinder, hamper, bother)Embrasser (to kiss, embrace)Émigrer (to emigrate)
Emmener (to take)Empreindre (to imprint)Empêcher (to prevent)
Encadrer (to frame; to train)Enclore (to enclose)Enfoncer (to thrust/stick/drive in; to break open)
Énoncer (to express, state)Enrichir (to enrich)Entourer (to surround; to rally around)
Entraîner (to carry along, drag; to lead; to cause)Entreprendre (to undertake)Entretenir (to look after, support, foster, keep alive)
Envier (to envy)Envoler (to take flight)Envoyer (to send)
Épeler (to spell)Épouser (to marry)Épreindre (to juice)
Épuiser (to exhaust, tire out)Équivaloir (to be equivalent to)Espionner (to spy on)
Espérer (to hope)Essayer (to try)Établir (to establish)
Éteindre (to extinguish, snuff out)Étonner (to astonish)Étouffer (to suffocate, smother, choke)
Étourdir (to stun, deafen, make dizzy)Évaluer (to evaluate)Éviter (to avoid)
Exagérer (to exaggerate)Exciter (to arouse, excite; to intensify)Exclure (to exclude)
Exécuter (to carry out, execute)Exercer (to exercise (control), exert)Expliquer (to explain)
Exploiter (to work, exploit; to farm; to run, operate)Exposer (to display, exhibit, show; to state)Exprimer (to express)

Starting with Letter F

Fabriquer (to manufacture, fabricate)Fabuler (to make up stories)Fâcher (to make angry)
Faciliter (to facilitate)Façonner (to fashion, shape)Faillir (to almost do; to lack, need)
Farder (to put on make up; to dress up)Fatiguer (to fatigue, tire)Faucher (to reap, mow; to flatten)
Favoriser (to favor)Feindre (to feign)Fendre (to split, cleave)
Fesser (to spank)Feuilleter (to leaf through)Figurer (to represent, appear)
Filer (to spin (out), extend; to shadow)Filtrer (to filter, screen)Finir (to finish)
Flamber (to burn, blaze)Flatter (to flatter)Flirter (to flirt; to date)
Flotter (to float, flutter)Flâner (to stroll; to lounge around)Foncer (to charge at/into; to darken; (inf) to rush)
Fondre (to melt)Fortifier (to fortify, strengthen)Fouetter (to whip, lash)
Fouiller (to dig deeply)Fouiner (to snoop)Fournir (to furnish, provide)
Foutre (slang) (To do, give, put)Frémir (to shudder)Frire (to fry)
Frissonner (to quake, tremble, shudder)Frotter (to rub, scrape)Fructifier (to bear fruit, be productive)
Fuir (to flle)Fuser (to gush, burst forth) 

Starting with Letter G

Gâcher (to waste, spoil; to temper, mix)Gagner (to win; to earn)Garantir (to guarantee)
Garer (to park)Garnir (to equip; to fill, stock; to garnish)Gâter (to spoil)
Geindre (to groan, whine)Gercer (to chap, crack)Gonfler (to inflate, swell)
Goûter (to taste)Gouverner (to govern)Grandir (to grow)
Grêler (to hail)Grimper (to climb)Grincer (to grate, creak)
Gronder (to scold)Grossir (to gain weight, become fat)Guérir (to cure, heal, recover)
Guider (to guide) 

Starting with Letter H

Habiller (to dress (someone else))Habiter (to live)Habituer (to accustom s.o., get s.o. used to)
Haïr (to hate)Harceler (to harass)Hâter (to hasten)
Hausser (to raise, heighten)Hériter (to inherit, get)Hésiter (to hesitate)
Heurter (to hit, strike; to offend)Honorer (to honor; to be a credit to)Hoqueter (to hiccup)
Hurler (to scream, shriek) 

Starting with Letter I

Identifier (to identify)Ignorer (to be unaware of, to not know)Illuminer (to light up, illuminate)
Illustrer (to illustrate)Imaginer (to imagine)Imiter (to imitate)
Immigrer (to immigrate)Impliquer (to imply; to implicate, involve)Implorer (to implore)
Importer (to import, to matter, be important)Imposer (to impose)Impressionner (to impress)
Imprimer (to print)Inciter (to encourage, prompt, incite)Incliner (to tilt; to tend towards, be inclined to)
Inclure (to include)Indiquer (to indicate)Induire (to mislead)
Inférer (to infer)Initier (to initiate)Inonder (to flood)
Inquiéter (to worry)Insister (to stress, be insistent)Inspecter (to inspect)
Inspirer (to inspire)Installer (to set up, get settled)Instruire (to instruct)
Interdire (to forbid)Interpréter (to interpret)Introduire (to introduce, insert)
Inventer (to invent)Inviter (to invite)Invoquer (to invoke)
Irriter (to irritate)Isoler (to isolate; to insulate) 

Starting with Letter J

Jaillir (to spurt (out))Jardiner (to garden)Jaser (to chatter; to gossip)
Jaunir (to turn yellow)Joindre (to join)Jouir (to enjoy)
Justifier (to justify) 

Starting with Letter K

Kidnapper (to kidnap)Klaxonner (to honk, toot the horn) 

Starting with Letter L

Labourer (to plow, dig)Lâcher (to loosen; to release, let go of)Laisser (to leave, let)
Lamenter (to lament)Lancer (to throw)Lécher (to lick)
Limer (to file (nails))Limiter (to limit)Lire (to read)
Loger (to lodge)Luire (to shine) 

Starting with Letter M

Mâcher (to chew)Maigrir (to lose weight, become thin)Mandater (to appoint, commision)
Manger (to eat)Manifester (to show, indicate, demonstrate)Manipuler (to manipulate)
Manquer (to miss)Maquiller (to make (someone else) up, put make-up on someone)Marchander (to bargain, haggle)
Marcher (to walk; to function, work)Marier (to marry)Marquer (to mark, indicate)
Mastiquer (to chew, masticate; to putty)Méconnaître (to put)Menacer (to threaten)
Mener (to lead)Mentir (to lie)Mériter (to merit, be worth)
Mesurer (to measure)Mettre (to put)Modifier (to modify)
Moduler (to modulate, inflect)Moissonner (to harvest, reap)Monter (to climb, go up)
Montrer (to show)Moudre (to mill, grind)Mourir (to die)
Munir (to provide, fit, equip)Mystifier (to mystify) 

Starting with Letter N

Nager (to swim)Naviguer (to navigate)Négliger (to neglect)
Neiger (to snow)Nier (to deny)Noircir (to blacken)
Nommer (to name)Noter (to write down, make a note of; to notice)Notifier (to notify)
Nouer (to tie, knot)Nourrir (to feed, nourish) 

Starting with Letter O

Obstiner (to insist, be obstinate, persist)Obtenir (to obtain)Occlure (to occlude)
Octroyer (to grant, bestow)Officier (to officiate)Offrir (to offer)
Opprimer (to oppress)Opter (to opt, choose)Ordonner (to arrange, organize; to prescribe)
Organiser (to organize)Orienter (to orient; to position)Orner (to decorate, adorn)
Oser (to dare)Ôter (to remove, take away)Oublier (to forget)
Ouïr (to hear)Ouvrir (to open) 

Starting with Letter P

Pâlir (to become pale, fade)Parer (to prepare for, dress; to fend off)Parfumer (to perfume, scent)
Parier (to bet, wager)Parler (to talk, speak)Partager (to share)
Partir (to leave)Patiner (to skate)Payer (to pay)
Pédaler (to pedal; (inf) to hurry)Peigner (to comb)Peindre (to paint)
Pendre (to hang)Percer (to pierce)Perdre (to lose)
Perforer (to perforate)Périr (to perish)Personnifier (to personify)
Persuader (to persuade)Peser (to weigh)Photocopier (to photocopy)
Photographier (to photograph)Pianoter (to tap, drum (one's fingers), to tinkle (at the piano))Piéger (to trap)
Pincer (to pinch; to grip)Placer (to put)Planter (to plant; to put in/up)
Pleurer (to cry)Pleuvoir (to rain)Plonger (to dive)
Poser (to put)Posséder (to possess)Pouvoir (can, to be able)
Précéder (to precede)Précipiter (to precipitate)Préciser (to specify, clarify)
Prédire (to predict)Préparer (to prepare)Prescrire (to prescribe)
Préserver (to preserve)Présider (to preside)Pressentir (to have a premonition)
Prétendre (to claim)Prévaloir (to prevail, overcome (formal))Priver (to deprive)
Procéder (to proceed; to behave; to carry out)Produire (to produce)Progresser (to progresser)
Projeter (to project)Proscrire (to ban, prohibit)Protéger (to protect)
Provenir (to come from, be due to)Publier (to publish)Puer (to stink)
Punir (to punish) 

Starting with Letter Q

Quérir (to summon) 

Starting with Letter R

Raccommoder (to mend, repair)Raccourcir (to shorten)Raconter (to tell, recount)
Rafraîchir (to cool, chill, freshen, refresh)Ralentir (to slow down, slacken)Ramener (to take back)
Ranger (to arrange)Rapprocher (to bring close/together; to compare)Raser (to shave (someone else))
Rassembler (to gather, assemble; to collect)Rassurer (to reassure)Rater (to miss; to fail)
Rationner (to ration)Rattraper (to catch, recapture; to recover)Ravager (to ravage, devastate)
Recevoir (to receive)Rechercher (to look for, seek)Réciter (to recite)
Réclamer (to ask for; to claim, demand; to complain)Récolter (to harvest; to collect, gather)Recommander (to recommend)
Récompenser (to reward)Réconcilier (to reconcile)Reconduire (to renew)
Recueillir (to collect)Reculer (to move back/away, recede; to decline)Rédiger (to write)
Redouter (to dread, fear)Redresser (to straighten; to set right)Réduire (to reduce)
Réfléchir (to reflect, think)Refuser (to refuse)Regarder (to look at, watch)
Régler (to settle, sort out; to regulate)Rejeter (to reject)Relire (to reread)
Remercier (to thank)Remettre (to put back, replace)Remoudre (to regrind)
Remuer (to move, twitch)Rencontrer (to meet)Rendormir (to put back to sleep)
Renforcer (to reinforce)Rentrer (to return (home))Renverser (to knock over, overturn; to overcome)
Renvoyer (to dismiss, fire)Repartir (to restart, set off again)Repeindre (to repaint)
Répondre (to answer)Repousser (to repel, repulse; reject, push away)Reprendre (to retake, take again)
Reprocher (to criticize)Reproduire (to reproduce)Répudier (to repudiate)
Réserver (to reserve)Résigner (to resign oneself)Résister (to resist)
Résonner (to resonate, reverberate)Résoudre (to resolve)Respirer (to breathe; to inhale; to exude)
Ressembler (to resemble)Ressentir (to feel, sense)Restreindre (to restrict, limit)
Résumer (to summarize)Rétablir (to re-establish, restore)Retarder (to delay, make late; to set back)
Reteindre (to dye again)Retomber (to fall again; to come down, collapse)Retourner (to return)
Retrouver (to find (again); to remember; to regain)Réunir (to reunite)Révéler (to reveal)
Revenir (to come back)Rêver (to dream)Revêtir (to put on; to adorn)
Rire (to laugh)Rompre (to break)Ronger (to gnaw at)
Rouvrir (to reopen) 

Starting with Letter S

Sacrifier (to sacrifice)Saigner (to bleed)Saillir (to protrude)
Sangler (to strap, girth)Sangloter (to sob)Satisfaire (to satisfy)
Sauver (to save, rescue)Savoir (to know)Secourir (to help)
Sélectionner (to select)Sembler (to seem)Semer (to sow, spread)
Serrer (to grasp, squeeze)Servir (to serve, to be useful)Signaler (to signal)
Signer (to sign)Signifier (to signify, mean)Simplifier (to simplify)
Simuler (to simmulate)Skier (to ski)Soigner (to treat, look after, take care of)
Songer (to dream)Sortir (to go out)Souffrir (to suffer)
Souiller (to soil)Soulager (to relieve, soothe)Soumettre (to submit)
Soupirer (to sigh)Soupçonner (to suspect)Sourire (to smile)
Spécifier (to specify)Stationner (to park)Stimuler (to stimulate)
Subir (to undergo; to be under the influence of)Subvenir (to provide for)Supporter (to support, endure)
Supposer (to suppose, assume)Supprimer (to delete; to suppress)Surgir (to appear suddenly; to arise, crop up)
Survenir (to occur, take place)Susciter (to arouse, incite, provoke, create)Suspendre (to hang, suspend)

Starting with Letter T

Tâcher (to try, endeavor to)Tapoter (to pat, tap)Taquiner (to tease)
Tarder (to delay, take a long time)Teindre (to dye)Témoigner (to testify; to show, display)
Tendre (to strain, to strive to(ward), to tighten)Terminer (to end, terminate)Tester (to test)
Tirer (to pull)Tisser (to weave)Tolérer (to tolerate, put up with, allow)
Tondre (to shear, mow)Tordre (to wring, twist)Tourner (to turn)
Tousser (to cough)Tracasser (to worry, bother, harass)Tracer (to draw)
Traiter (to treat)Transcrire (to transcribe)Transmettre (to transmit)
Traverser (to cross)Tressaillir (to shudder)Tricher (to trick, cheat)
Tromper (to deceive, trick, mislead)Trouver (to find)Tuer (to kill)
Tutoyer (to use "tu," address someone as "tu") 

Starting with Letter U

Unifier (to unify)Unir (to unite)Utiliser (to use)

Starting with Letter V

Vaciller (to sway, wobble, waver)Vaincre (to defeat, overcome, conquer)Valoir (to be worth)
Vanter (to praise)Varier (to vary)Veiller (to stay up, be awake; to watch over)
Vendre (to sell)Vérifier (to verify)Vêtir (to dress)
Vider (to empty, drain)Vieillir (to grow old)Visiter (to visit)
Vivre (to live)Voir (to see)Vomir (to vomit)
Vouloir (to want) 

Starting with Letter W

Warranter (to warrant) 

Starting with Letter Z

Zébrer (to stripe)