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Negation in French

The negation “ne....pas/ ne...jamais “  (not / never) will be positioned differently in relation to the verb, depending on whether the verb is conjugated or is an infinitive.
To make a negative statement, the pair “ne....pas” must surround the conjugated verb. Notice that there is the informal way of stating the negation that omits the use of ne (exemple: Bouge pas!  - Don’t move!). This informal way should never be used in writing.


The negation with the conjugated verb

Present tense

The negation surrounds the verb

Je ne mange pas de chocolat

I don't drink chocolate


Compound tense

The negation surrounds the auxiliary

Je n'ai pas bu de café

I don't eat chocolate


At all tenses

"ne"' always precedes the personal pronoun placed before the verb

Je ne le mangerai pas.

I won't eat it


Je ne l'aurais pas mangé.

I would not have eaten it



The negation with the verb in the infinitive

The negation will be positioned in one block before the verb in the infinitive.

Example: Elle a très bien fait son travail pour ne pas avoir à le refaire – She did her work very well so she doesn’t have to do it again.


F  The negation always contains two elements:

Ne ... pas / plus

Ne ...jamais

Ne ... rien

F  If followed by a vowel ne becomes n’

Example : Je n’ai pas de téléphone – I don’t have a phone

F  When used in a negative sentence un or une becomes de


F  J’ai un chat             Je n’ai pas de chat (I don’t have a cat)


Nós somos (or eles são) campeões do mundo.

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