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Brazilian Eating Habits - Learn Portuguese

Everybody likes eating, right? Each country has its own food and way to prepare. The typical food of a country determines the character of the people. Let´s understand how Brazilian people live and their food habits.

Cafe de Manha - Brazilian Food Because Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer, a typical Café da manhã (breakfast) consists of a cup of café com leite (a hot milk and coffee mixture) and a piece of French bread. Many Brazilian children also drink a coffee and milk mixture for breakfast. Café da manhã also consists of fresh typical fruits, jams, cakes, cookies and more. The café da manhã is normally served around 7:00.


-Bom dia! Dormiu bem? Vamos tomar nosso café da manhã? Good morning! Did you sleep well? Let´s have our breakfast?

-Bom dia! Dormi, sim, obrigada. Vamos tomar café sim; o que teremos? Good morning! Yes, I did, thank you. Yes, let´s have our breakfast; what we have?

- Café, leite, pão, manteiga, presunto e mamão. Coffee, milk, bread, ham and papaya.

- Uhm, que delícia! Uhm, what a delight!


Almoco - Lunch - Portuguese FoodAlmoço (lunch) is usually the biggest meal of the day. It consists of rice, black or brown beans, salad, meat, or other dishes, depending on where the family lives and what they can afford to buy it or not. The almoço is normally served at noon.

-São 12:00; terminei meu trabalho por agora. Vamos almoçar juntos? It´s noon; I finished my job by now. Can you have lunch together?

- Ok, mas só um segundo, estou terminando o meu. Ok, but just a second, I´m finishing mine.

- Ok, mas não demore, por favor, estou com fome. Ok, but, please, don´t take too long, I´m hungry.

- Pronto, terminei. Vamos! Done! Let´s go!

- Onde iremos almoçar? Where are you going to eat?

- O restaurante da esquina tem ótima comida e as batatas fritas são as melhores. The restaurant on the corner has a great food and the chips are the best.

- Já estou com água na boca.. My mouth is already watering.

Cafe da TardeBetween lunch and dinner some Brazilians have a café da tarde (midafternoon), which includes coffee, hot milk, French bread and cookies. Sometimes, pastéis and empadinhas , small pastries filled with shrimp, meats or cheese that are either fried or baked, are a favorite snack. The café da tarde can vary from 15:00 to 16:00.

In the late evening, many Brazilians eat a light jantar (dinner), which can be almost the same they had at lunch time. Children enjoy desserts such as pudim or churros, fried dough rolled in sugar and filled with caramel, chocolate, or sweetened condensed milk. The jantar can vary from 19:00 to 21:00.


Refeições – Meals

In English In Portuguese
Breakfast Café da manhã
Lunch Almoço
Dinner Jantar
Dessert Sobremesa
French bread Pão Francês
vinegar Vinagre
jelly Geléia
souce Molhos
tartar sauce Molho tártaro
mustard Mostrada
tomato sauce Molho de tomate
gravy Molho de carne
rice Arroz
beans Feijão
salt Sal 

Suco- juice

In English In Portuguese
passion fruit (juice) (suco de) Maracujá
tomato juice Suco de tomate
orange juice… Suco de laranja
fish Peixe
oysters Ostras
sea food Frutos do mar
crab Caranguejo
lobster Lagosta
shrimp Camarão
cod Bacalhau
salmon Salmão
tuna Atum
mussels Mexilhões

Frutas – Fruits

In English In Portuguese
lemon Limão
orange Laranja
passion fruit Maracujá
papaya Mamão
apple Maçã
banana Banana
blackberry Amora
cherry Cereja
grape Uva
avocado Abacate
pineapple Abacaxi
strawberry Morango
melon Melão
water melon Melancia
peach Pêssego
fig Figo

Carne – Meat

In English In Portuguese
barbecue Churrasco
beef/steak Bife
fillet Filé
cutlet Costeleta
fried Frito
hambúrguer Hambúrguer
meat baals Almôndegas
minced meat Carne picada
pie Torta
pork Carne de porco
sausage Linguiças/salsichas
sirloin Lombo
smoked Defumado
chicken Frango
fried chicken Frango frito
duck Pato
roast chicken Frango assado
turkey Peru

Vegetais – Vegetables

In English In Portuguese
aspargos Aspargos
potatoes Batatas
boiled potatoes Batatas cozidas
beetroot Beterraba
cabbage Repolho
carrots Cenouras
cauliflower Couve flor
celery Aipo
cucumber Pepino
french fries Batata frita
lettuce Alface
tomato Tomate
sweet corn Milho verde
salad Salada
Onion Cebola
garlic Alho
pepper Pimentão
spinach Espinafre
olives Azeitonas
pumpkin Abóbora 

Sobremesa – desert

In English In Portuguese
fruit salad Salada de frutas
mousse Musse
ice cream Sorvete
pudding Pudim
rice pudding Arroz doce
pancake Panqueca 


Karen and her mother are going to have lunch.

-Karen: Mãe, o que você quer para o almoço?

-Mãe: Querida, quero arroz, feijão, bife e salada.

-Karen: Temos salada de alface, tomate e azeitonas. Quer outra coisa?

- Mãe: Não, obrigada, para mim está ótimo.

- Karen: Ah, temos também abóbora cozida com cebola.

- Mãe: Muito bom, adoro.

Brazilian special dish


FeijoadaRice, black beans, and manioc (a root vegetable like a potato) are the main foods for many Brazilians. The national dish is feijoada, a thick stew of black beans and pieces of pork and other meats. It is usually served with orange salad, white rice, farofa (ground manioc), and couve (kale), a dark green leafy vegetable that is diced and cooked until slightly crispy.


Complete as frase abaixo. Fill in the blanks.

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