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The Weather in Brazil - Portuguese Lessons

Climate Conditions and Brazilian Climate

Because Brazil is a tropical country, we don´t have the 4 defined weather seasons in all of the regions like in the USA and in Europe. The 2 big differences in Brazil are between the summer and the winter. The seasons in Brazil are the opposite of the seasons in Europe and the United States.

- Qual é a previsão do tempo para hoje? What´s the weather forecast?

- Como estará o tempo amanhã? What´s the weather going to be like tomorrow?

- O tempo estará... The weather is going to be........

- Bom Fine

- Nublado Cloudy/foggy

- Chuvoso Rainy

- Ensolarado Ensolarado

- Muito quente Very hot

- Muito frio Very cold

- Muito ventoso Very windy

- O tempo está clareando It´s clearing

- Parece que vai chover It looks like rain

- Vai continuar bom It´s going to stay fine

- O céu está limpo The sky is clear

- Vamos ter um temporal We´re going to have a thunderstorm

- Parou de chover It has stopped raining

 - O sol está brilhando The sun is shining



Brazil by Regions

Amazon Weather: The rainy season begins in Oct and it goes until March or May. It is hot all year round.

Pantanal Weather: The rainy season lasts from Dec until March. The middle seasons are Apr-Jun and Oct-Nov. Rain is intense in the rainy season, the temperature is high and Pantanal gets flooded.

North-East Coast Weather: Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife and all towns close to these have hot temperatures all year round. It is rarely below 25ºC (77ºF) and there are very few days hotter than 33ºC (90ºF). Winter temperatures are just 3-4ºC degrees below the «summer» temperatures. Those are all year round beach regions. Not too much rain in the region.

Rio de Janeiro Weather: The high season in Rio is the summer, from Dec until March. There might be some days with lower temperature in the winter, the winter temperature is around 20ºC (70ºF) and very rarely going below 15ºC(60ºF).

São Paulo Weather: São Paulo isn’t a completely southern Brazilian city. It is too near to Rio de Janeiro not to share its climate patterns. Some of the beaches in São Paulo state are very similar to Rio’s climate. São Paulo has many days with nice temperatures and good weather, but also that the summer can be very hot and the winter can have very cold days.

South of Brazil Weather: The south of Brazil has a more “conventional” all-season climate, with a cold winter (winter temperatures and evenings can be low and uncomfortable: 5°C-8°C/41ºF-47ºF) and a hot summer.


In English In Portuguese
Weather Conditions Condições Climáticas
Weather forecast Previsão do tempo
weather report Boletim meteorológico
roads condition Condições das estradas
it´s hailing Está chovendo granizo
it´s lightning Está relampejando
storm Tempestade
heat Calor
it´s raining Está chovendo
cloudy Nublado
sun Sol
thunder Trovão
wind Vento
The rainbow! O arco-íris!
The thunder O relâmpago
The lightning O trovão


Roberta – Como foram as suas férias no Rio de Janeiro?
Romeu – Foram Perfeitas! Fez um tempo maravilhoso, com sol todos os dias.
Roberta – Choveu algum dia?
Romeu – Não, só ficou nublado uma manhã, mas depois o sol saiu.


 Seasons / Estação do ano

         Spring – Primavera                           Autumn/Fall – Outono

         Summer – Verão                              Winter - Inverno              

To say in the summer, spring, etc. use “na” or “no” and the season.  

No verão means in the summer.

Na primavera means in the spring.

No outono as folhas caem. In the autumn the leaves fall.

No inverno faz frio. In the winter, it´s cold.




There are 2 senses for the verb “ficar”:

a)     To became (or to be) – The sky became cloudy – O céu ficou nublado.

b)     To stay – The boy stayed at home – O menino ficou em casa.

Present Past
Eu fico Eu fiquei
Você fica Você ficou
Ele fica Ele ficou
Nós ficamos Nós ficamos
Vocês ficam Vocês ficaram
Eles ficam Eles ficaram


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