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Direct Object Pronouns in French

In French there are subject pronouns and object pronouns.
Subject pronouns replace people or things and function as a subject of the verb. Object pronouns replace people or things and function as direct or indirect objects of the verb. They are absorbed by the verb's action.

Sujet (subject)

Objet (object)


me                                        me


te                                          you


le                                          him


la                                           her


ça                                            it


nous                                      us


vous                                     you


les                       them (masculine plural)


les                       them (feminine plural)


F  Examples:

Sujet/ Subject


Objet direct


Je tolère mes voisins

I respect my my neighbours

Ils me tolèrent.

They respect me

Tu aimes ton frère

You love your brother

Il t'aime aussi.

He loves you

Nous aimons notre grand-père

We love our grand father

Ils nous aime.

He loves us

Il tolère les gens dans la rue

He respect people in the street

Les gens le tolèrent

People respect him

Elle respecte ses collègues

She respects her colleagues

Ses collègues la respectent

Her colleagues respect her

On respecte les personnes âgées

We respect elderly people / Elderly people are respected

Elle nous respecte

They respect us as

Ça ne se fait pas.

It is not to be done

On ne fait pas ça

We don't do that

Nous respectons les policiers.

We respect police officers

Ils nous respectent

They respect us

Vous respectez votre mère, n'est-ce pas?

You respect your mother, don't you?

Elle vous respectent

She respects you

Ils respectent leur patron

They respect their boss

Il les respecte

He respects them

Elles aiment leur chat

They love their cat

Il les aiment

He/it loves them




F  In French, the direct object pronouns are placed before the verb:

  • Je t'aime = I love you
  • nous, vous and ça (We, you and it) don't change form
  • on doesn't have an object. Sometimes Nous is used instead
  • me, te and la change to m' t' and  l’ before a vowel


Find the correct object pronoun.

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