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French Subject Pronouns – Les pronoms sujets

French subject pronouns have the particularity to change the form of the verb. Therefore it is crucial to understand and learn them before learning how to conjugate the verbs.

The other important two things to remember are that, the formal French in polite and official situations whereas the informal French is used when addressing friends, children and family members. It is important to know when to use “Vous” or “Tu”. For a beginner it is safer to use “Vous” at all times.  

French Pronounciation English Note
je Listen I  
tu Listen you (singular) familiar
il Listen  he  
elle Listen  she  
on Listen  we informal "we" or  "it" as in it said that…..
nous Listen  we  
vous Listen  you (plural) also the polite, formal way to adress someone
ils Listen  they (masculine)  
elles Listen  they (feminine)  
ça Listen  it, that  
cela Listen  that  
ceci Listen  this  
ceux-ci Listen  these (masculine plural)  
celles-là Listen  those ( feminine plural)  
ceux-là Listen  those ( masculine plural)  


Je chante bien – I sing well

Tu travailles beaucoup – You work a lot

Il appelle sa mère – He calls his mother

Elle mange des frites – She eats french fries

On regarde la télévision ensemble – We watch TV together

On dit qu’il va faire froid cet hiver – It is said that this winter will be cold

Nous allons dormir – We are going to sleep

Vous êtes grand – You are tall (formal way to adress one person - singular)

Vous êtes grands – You are tall (adressing two or more people – masculine plural)

Vous êtes grandes – You are tall (adressing two or more women – feminine plural)

Ils sont américains – They are americans (a group of people where at least one is a male - masculine plural)

Elles sont américaines – They are americans ( two or more women – feminine plural)


Notice that, depending on the pronoun subject, the verbs and adjectives are modified:

Paul est américain (masculin singular) – Paul is american

Laura est américaine (feminine singular) – Laura is american

Paul et Laura sont américains (masculin plural) – Paul and Laura are american

Laura et Anne sont américaines (feminine plural) – Laura and Anne are american


Jennifer est...

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