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Bonjour - Greetings in French

Bonjour – Bonsoir – Je m’appelle – enchanté/ Hello – Good evening – My name is – Nice to meet you 

In French we use « bonjour » to say hello throughout the day. «bonsoir» is used to say hello at the beginning of the night. «salut» is the informal way of saying hello and good bye between friends and family. When introducing yourself, it is important to distinguish the formal and the informal way.

In English In French
Hello Escuchar Bonjour
Hi / bye Escuchar Salut
Have a good day Escuchar Bonne journée
Hello (good day) Escuchar Bonsoir
Have a good evening Escuchar Bonne soirée
Have a good night Escuchar Bonne nuit
Good bye Escuchar Au revoir
See you soon Escuchar A bientôt


  • Bonjour Marie! - Hello Marie
  • Bonjour Pierre! - Hello Pierre
  • Comment allez-vous? - How are you? (formal)
  • Très bien merci, et vous? - Very well thank you, and yourself? (formal)
  • Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée - I wish you a good evening (formal)
  • Au revoir! - Good bye!
  • Salut John! Comment ça va? - Hi John! What’s up? ( informal)
  • Bien, et toi? - I am fine, and you? (informal) “ toi” is used between friends and family.

Je m’appelle/ My name is:

French English Note
Je m'appelle Anne My name is Anne  
Enchanté Nice to meet you masculine
Comment vous appelez-vous What's your name?  formal
Comment t’appelles-tu What's your name? informal
Je m'apelle Paul My name is Paul  
Enchantée Nice to meet you feminine


  • Bonjour! Je m’appelle Marie. - Hello! My name is Marie.   ( Marie is a girl’s name)
  • Enchanté! Je m’appelle Paul. - Nice to meet you! My name is Paul  (in this case, a man is talking: “enchanté” is masculine, so there is nothing after -é)
  • Enchantée! - Nice to meet you!  (in this case, a woman is talking: “enchantée” is feminine, so there is an e at the end  -ée)


To say "nice to meet you", a woman should say:

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