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Seasons in French - Learn French

At times, you might want to talk about the seasons in French.

Season in French Pronunciation In English
printemps Listen pruhn/ tahn spring
été Listen eh/teh summer
automne Listen otone autumn
hiver Listen hee/ver winter


  • En hiver, il fait froid en France – In winter, it is cold in  France.
  • En été, il fait trop chaud à Paris – In summer, it is too hot in Paris.
  • En automne, on ramasse les chataîgnes dans la fôret  – In autumn, we pick up chesnuts in the forest.
  • Au printemps, les fleurs bourgeonnent partout – in spring, flowers blossom everywhere.

More Considerations

To inquire about the seasons, use Quelle saison est-ce? (what's the season?). 

As you can see in the examples above, the preposition "en" is used to express "in". The only exception is printemps, where "au" is used instead.